Mineral Survey 2424

derby mine

Mineral Survey MS2424 PLAT of the ‘Claim of George U. Young’, October 14 1907, by J.J. Fisher U.S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor June 20-30 1907, Frank Ingalls Surveyor General, Arizona Territory.

Poetry in motion… known as the Puritan, Puritan No. 2, Puritan No. 3, Italian, Iron Mask Madizelle, Derby, Derby No. 2, Derby No. 3, Ellen No.1, Ellen No. 2, Penos Alto No. 1, Peno Alto No. 2, Peno Alto No. 3, Happy Strike, Protection #2, Protection #3, Highland, Humbert, Huguenot, Patsy, Sunny Side, Sunny Side No. 1, Surenough, Knocker Doom IN Thumb Butte Mining District, Yavapai County, Arizona.

MS2424 Mineral Survey PLAT

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