Madizelle Mining Company

George Young

The Derby Mining Company became the Madizelle Mining Company.

But it might as well have been the Mammoth Mines, Goldfield Arizona, Youngberg Arizona, or the Centipede!

On June 6, 1908, the Madizelle Mining Company was incorporated under the laws of the Territory of Arizona. The incorporators were Andrew A. Blair (President), J. Edward Whitfield (Secretary & Treasurer), Fred W. Taylor (Director), Charles M. Taylor Jr. (Director), of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, all of the City of Philadelphia, County of Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania and George U. Young (Vice President & General Manager) of Prescott, County of Yavapai, Territory of Arizona.

The nature of business as listed on the companies Articles of Incorporation: ‘A general mining, milling and smelting business, buying, selling, bonding, etc., mines, mining claims, water rights, ores and bullion; building roads, etc.; to acquire mining property water rights, etc., and to work the same; to mine for gold, silver, copper, etc.; to sell, mortgage or otherwise dispose of the property of the company; to deal in its own stock and that of other corporations, etc. etc.’ On October 26, 1916, an amendment was made to the articles of incorporation of the Madizelle Mining Company

Near the time of application for land patent, Young was given power of attorney on behalf of the Madizelle Mining Company. On March 6, 1920, Application 045620 for Phoenix Serial Patent 818495 was made by the Madizelle Mining Company for certain lands embraced in Mineral Survey No. 2424. Included in the application for patent was the Field Notes of the survey of the mining claims, Power of attorney from Madizellle Mining Company to George U. Young, Proof of posting notice and diagram on claim, Three copies of the notice for publication, One notice of application for patent, Certificate and proper authority showing Madizelle Mining Company duly organized and prepared to do business within the State, Plat of survey of said mining claims approved by the Surveyor General.

Letter from Fen S. Hildreth on behalf of the Madizelle Mining Company, dated June 30, 1920, included ‘tender in connection therewith check payable to the receiver of public moneys in the sum of $2100.00, in payment for the land.’ This was at the government rate of $5.00 U.S. per acre. The Register of the General Land Office issued a Final Certificate of Mineral Entry for George U. Young’s mining claim containing the twenty five claims as embraced in Mineral Survey 2424, accepting the purchase money, and issuing receipt no. 2478801, also dated July 1, 1920.

The Madizelle
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Madizelle Mining Lode Claim Notice, Mine is located ‘1000 Feet Northeast of Upper Working Shaft of Lowry-Hill Mine No. 1’

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