ALTA Title Survey

1871 Standard Lines, Township Exteriors ARIZONA S.W. Foreman, John Wasson -Surveyor General

A very interesting illustration of official record that identifies the Arizona territorial plat of standard lines and township exteriors in 1871, from S.W. Foreman and John Wasson, Gila and Salt River Meridian. The ‘third standard parallel north’ is shown between Townships 13 North and 12 North, prior to the creation of township 12.5 North. Thumb Butte mountain is shown to lie within section 31 of township 14 north Range 2 west and section 36 of Township 14 north range 3 west, nearly divided. The city of Prescott is illustrated at township 13 north range 2 west, section 33/34.

Below: ‘Surveyed July 22 to August 11, 1871.