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Ace in the Hole: MS1397 A & B 1899, J.J Fisher

John ‘J/J/’ Fisher’s Last Chance Lode and Mill-site, Prescott Arizona, Yavapai County October 27 1899

Mineral Survey 1397, above, is a nice illustration of J.J. Fisher’s (‘surveyor‘ of MS2424) personal Lode Mining Claim near Iron Springs (alto) off of the haunted stretch of Iron Springs Road in west Prescott Arizona Yavapai County near Granite Mountain, patented to his wife Elizabeth C. Fisher in the year 1900. The very official representation here of MS1397 A & B is a legal impossibility. It does not conform to the law, the ground, the history, or even the claims themselves. Like many other mining claim plats of this era, this claim can not be duplicated on the ground. It is akin to making a square peg fit into a round hole. To make one ‘fit’ you must bend your logic to purchase what is being ‘sold’. In doing so, another nearby claim is severely compromised out of the record position(s).

John J. Fisher, a United States Deputy Mineral Surveyor, Yavapai County surveyor, and appointed surveyor for the City of Prescott, was sure to remove himself from the purported mineral estate of the pre-patented ‘claims’ just before his wife applied for a U.S. patent deed to the claims as represented.

In case you missed it, the ‘Mill’ as depicted is clearly contained within the ‘Last Chance South Ext.’, and not within the Last Chance Mill-site. It does not matter, because there’s no discovery, no ‘vein’, we’re all fools in paradise, none of this is real. -Hey Johnny bang up job so far in the late 1800’s, and thanks for creating the basis of that other U.S. patent deed to the Highland Pines area, a.k.a. Mineral Survey 2424 in 1907. What other blunders have you created?