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25 Mining Claims Bought & Paid: July 1, 1920, Madizelle Mining Company, United States Land Office

Attorney in Fact

Department of the Interior Mineral Entry No. 045620, United States Land Office Phoenix Arizona, Application to Purchase, (sums paid for land) Receipt No. 2478801, $2,100.00.

The undersigned, claimant, under the provision of the Revised Statutes of the United States, Chapter Six, Title Thirty-Two, and legislation supplemental thereto, hereby apply to purchase that Mining Claim known as the Puritan, Puritan No. 2, Puritan No. 3, Italian, Iron Mask, Madizell, Derby, Derby No. 2, Derby No. 3, Ellen No.1, Ellen No. 2, Penos Alto No. 1, Peno Alto No. 2, Peno Alto No. 3, Happy Strike, Protection No. 2, Protection No. 3, Highland, Humbert, Huguenot, Patsy, Sunny Side, Sunny Side No. 2, Surenough and Knocker Doom, Sections 26, 27, 28, 33 and 35, Township 14 North, Range 3 West, G.S.R.B. & Meridian, Designated as Survey No. 2424….

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Mineral Survey 2424, Proof of Sums Paid, Receipt No. 2478801
madizelle mining company
Proof Of Payment for 25 Mining Claims, per Mineral Survey 2424, 419.692 Acres, United States Land Office, Phoenix Arizona, July 1, 1920