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Mineral Survey MS2950 Yavapai County ‘GOLD STAR’ Lode Claim, Sections 31 & 36 T14N, R’s 3 &4W

What a fine specimen we have here! The Gold Star Lode claim Mineral Survey 2950 in Yavapai County Arizona. Located in at section(s) 31 & 36 of Township 14 North, Ranges 3 and 4 (unsurveyed of course). This is apparently a patented claim to the ‘Gold Star Mining Company’, patented on 2-5-1913 No. 313465, serialized as 016404.

MS2950 was reportedly surveyed September 30 to October 2nd in 1911, here, by Willam H. Merritt, a U.S. deputy mineral surveyor, under Frank S. Ingalls, Surveyor General, who approved the 2950 plat and field notes November 23, 1911.

The PLAT states this 20+ acre claim lies in the Copper Basin mining district, which was about southwesterly of Prescott. Merritt has identified the locus of this claim to be tied from the claims corner no. 1 to the Corner to sections 1, 6, 31, 36 of Townships 1 and 14 North, Ranges 3 & 4 West.

There is reference to the Little Darling, Three Graces, Gold Star Extension, and Oregon Claims, of unknown character and locus to the Gold Star. All ‘unsurveyed‘ as well, but nonetheless, there. Right near the ‘Presumed Course of Vein‘.

From Corner No. 1- South 8 degrees 10’E 3852.07 Feet! to the Corner of Sections 1,6,31,36 of Townships 13 & 14 North and Ranges 3 & 4 West…Not exactly sure about the S. 8 degrees from corner 1, but there may be a larger issue here to consider. The corner to section 31 and 6 are over a mile and a half north and they wouldn’t be a shared corner to the sections even if it wasn’t.

BELOW: The Gold Star lode claim in the northwest corner of section 36 in Township 14N Range 4 West, Yavapai County.

craig skibiski
craig skibiski
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