craig skibiski

Information required when considering the purchase of mining properties...or the purchase of ‘stock’ in fairy dust factories.

This is the literal checklist used by the mining swindlers of the west, to sell ‘stock’ in fictitious (gold) mines, such as those in Arizona. They made sure to advertise greatly, the fact that theirs was not a swindle of any kind -of course, but a ‘legitimate‘ offering. Just in case anyone thought about questioning the mines existence.

BELOW: The result of the checklist as shown above. A report from J.E. Whitfield, of the ‘Madizelle Mining Company’ dated December 30, 1909, covering the theoretical area of land (MS2424) in the Prescott National Forest. Also known present day as ‘Highland Pines‘, or further ‘Highland Park Arizona‘.

Whitfield makes sure to inform you that he, is as of this report, disregarding all geological and technical points contained in his two earlier reports! The fantasy below follows the checklist TO…A…T.

As the tale goes… ‘Derby Mine’ became the ‘Madizelle Mining Company’ -But ‘the Derby’ never existed. (period)