craig skibiski

Norman Hale: ‘IONA’ Notice of Mining Location/ Lode Claim

The Iona lode claim (Statutes of Iona) Notice of Mining Location, entered upon and located for the purpose of exploration and purchase by Norman Hale on March 17, 1899. witnessed by T.C. Hill. The mining claim is shown by record to be 1500 feet in length x 600 feet in width at 750/750. Located March 17, 1899, Recorded August 28th, 1899. This is the same Iona lode claim that was purportedly illustrated and acknowledged by J.J. Fisher and Frank S. Ingalls on ‘PLAT’ Mineral Survey 2424 in 1907.

M.S. 2424 is the patent ‘survey of record for Highland Pines, and can be found in the center of the drawing, just beneath the Puritan lode claim. The Iona claim is erroneously depicted on Mineral Survey 2424 as a lode claim with junior rights. Which is almost comical since the Iona according to this certified record of Yavapai County, was not…even…over…there…at…all.

A sanctified omen from the king’s island. Thanks Norm.

Above: Pre-Highland Pines IONA Lode Mining Claim Prescott Arizona Yavapai County Thumb Butte Mining District. Incorporated into U.S. Mineral Survey 2424.