fred j. smith

Mining the Investor: Remarkable Stock Sale Offer

The Arizona Republican, Wednesday Morning, June 14, 1916

A Clear Statement of the Remarkable Stock Sale Offer of the MADIZELLE MINING COMPANY

This Company is the Madizelle Mining Company

It is not a new organization as it dates back to 1903. Its capitalization is $500,000.00 and the par value of its stock is $1.00 per share.

It has never offered any stock for sale to the public in the past, but is now offering one hundred thousand shares of its capital stock for sale at one dollar per share.

There is no water in this stock and this company owns, unencumbered, twenty-five mining claims under approved patent survey seven miles west of Prescott, Arizona, in the now absolutely proven gold and copper belt. Any wise investor, when presented with a stock investment will inquire how much the owner or owners have invested in their own proposition before asking others to invest. Two other very pertinent questions to ask is, how much of the money secured from stock sales is being paid to the owner or owners for the property, and what pecent commission are gannets being paid to sell the stock?

In many mining promotions so much of the money realized from stock sales is used to pay commissions, high priced salaries, and to pay the promoters for the purchase price of the property, that often times little, if any, of the money is actually used in the development and equipment of the property to put the same in condition toreturn dividends to the persons purchasing the stock.

The money received from sales of the stockpile be used solely for the development and equipment for these mines.

The Company has already spent nearly, if not quite, two hundred thousand dollars, in getting together, development, and equipment of this property, and one half of the capital stock is still in the treasury, and the company’s property is free of encumbrance, and the company has no outstanding debts.

Sensible people will ask another question, and will demand an unequivocal answer, that is “will my money be honestly used and intelligently spent for the purpose it is asked?

To this question it is a pleasure to say “yes”. We have thoroughly prospected the property and studied its veins and formations sufficiently long and spent sufficient money to know just where we are, and the purpose of the money asked is to start a permanent working shaft at the proper place best to open it up, and to install proper hoists, pumps, and machinery, therefore and prosecute sinking to the proper depth together with systematic drifts and cross cuts as it is put down. In the meantime to de-water the old workings and commence the extraction and shipments of ores already blocked out and ready for extraction. The investment is clean and “A-1” and will stand the thorough investigation which we will invite.

To those expecting dividends right away, we have but to say we don’t want your money, as this is a legitimate investment, not a get-rich-quick-scheme. We want investors of good sound sense, of small and moderate amounts of money who want to know their money is being honestly used and who want to surely know their money is growing bigger and better, and knowing that they are willing to wait a reasonable time for dividend returns. Such people we welcome and we are willing to assume the responsibility as their agent, and recommend this as a good investment that promises large returns within a reasonable time. As mining investments are gauged this stock is backed dollar for dollar in resources.

Maps, reports, and complete data may be seen by legitimate inquirers at 413-414 Fleming Bldg. Phoenix, Arizona.