craig skibiski

Blunders upon blunders of Fairy Dust

The first of many, Highland Pine Properties subdivision PLAT A from October 1955 Yavapai County Arizona, with indication of nearby National Forest space and certification of land ownership. Part of the Northeast corner of Section 33 Township 14 North Range 3 West. J. Earl Wilson, R.L. Merritt, according to U.S. Mineral Survey 2424, which is according to U.S. Township Survey of 14 North, Range 3 West from 1871, the ‘Foreman‘ Plat of record.

Surveyed and ‘platted’ by R.L. Merritt, registered civil engineer and county engineer of Yavapai County Arizona. Interesting ‘Well’ and ‘Reservoir at High Point’ near the depicted Iona lode mining claim.