ALTA survey

A list of some very interesting records to pay special attention to, Mineral Surveys in Arizona from the General Land Office era, prior to establishment of the Bureau of Land Management several of them by the hand of J.J. Fisher, U.S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor:

MS1245, MS1460, MS1459, MS1458, MS1457, MS1455, MS1452, MS1451, MS1445, MS1423, MS22, MS1421, MS1419, MS1418, MS1417, MS1416, MS1415, MS1414, MS1413, MS1411, MS1395, MS1385, MS1378, MS1375, MS1362, MS1361, MS1360, MS1359, MS1358, MS1356, MS1355, MS1354, MS1353, MS1352, MS1324, MS1323, MS1317, MS1314, MS1310, MS1309, MS1307, MS1298, MS1292, MS1290, MS1289, MS1288, MS1285, MS1284, MS1278, MS1277, MS1272, MS1269, MS1268, MS1267, MS1265, MS1264, MS1263, MS1259, MS1248, MS1247, MS1246, MS1242, MS1239, MS1238, MS1224, MS1213, MS1205, MS1195, MS1194, MS1193, MS1176, MS1169, MS1159, MS1158, MS1140, MS1132, MS1130, MS1078, MS1077, MS1074, MS1055, MS1045, MS1019, MS0978, MS0642, MS0638, MS0517, MS0513, MS1577, MS1461

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