Skirts Clean of any Scandal of Dishonest Promotion

The editor and publisher of Yavapai Magazine July 8th 1916 identifying the connection to the Madizelle Mining Company to George U. Young of Phoenix Arizona. The list of the roads and properties of the mines in the Copper Basin mining district show ‘Derby’ Mine as number 24 on the list. Was the Derby ever in the Copper Basin District and near West Spruce Mountain, East of the origins of Willow Creek at Sierra Prieta range?

“The entire property now in charge of a caretaker”
Shown here: The Derby mine a bit northwesterly of West Spruce Mountain…
Yavapai Magazine advertising the Derby lain idle since 1907, under the direction of George U. Young.
A favor for a favor… It was important to keep your skirts clean of any scandal of dishonest promotion in this era.