craig skibiski

Cancelled: Mineral Survey MS1577, J.J. Fisher Yavapai County Black Hills Mining District 1902

Just one example of the plethora of problematic & administratively cancelled Mineral Survey Plat’s of this era. There are many issues of record specifically pertaining to United States Deputy Mineral Surveyor J.J. Fisher and his official ‘survey’ work in and around Yavapai County. Mineral survey 1577 is yet another example of the issues inherent in these early land records.

This grouping was initially a part of patent 132415 in 1910. Are we really supposed to believe that the best connection to fix the locus of these (prospect) lode claims was to the nearest United States Land Monument, and that it is existing precisely at the runs indicated, which are presented to be well over a mile away? That is a whole lot of amendments occurring on October 10, 1900…..When you claim there is a ‘course of vein‘ there, there in most instances, must be a course of vein…there.

So much for the Mingus Mountain Copper Company.

MS1577 Above: Approved by the Surveyor General, Patented in 1901, until Cancelled in 2008.