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Mineral Survey 2424 is comprised primarily of these amended notice of location records, that are still inconsistent with the final plat/survey, with no explanation regarding the inconsistencies or missing areas of the claims. There is also no indication ever that an amended location notice can act as an all out relocation of a named lode, vein or ledge on the ground. To think anything otherwise, would simply defeat the claims existence, especially when an amendment is stating it is still the same lode as originally recorded, elsewhere. Clearly the locator intended to take in his full allotment under the mining law. What happened? Where did the miner’s ground go?

The January 1, 1902 Iron Mask Notice of mining location provides for a 1500’ x 600’ claim, running 750’ north/south from the discovery. The claim is situated about 1/4 mile in an easterly direction from ‘the old Italian cabin immediately east of the Spring’.

This location description must be describing an entirely different ground from that depicted on the M.S. 2424 plat.

At best case scenario, the Iron Mask would be more than twice the distance to the east of the ground being represented to be the Italian on M.S. 2424. It is topographically impossible to be anything otherwise and simultaneously rely on the lode location, even in a general sense.

George U. Young amended the location of the Iron Mask on Nov.14 1903. This location states 1400’ running northeasterly from the discovery shaft, thus taking in an additional 650 feet of length northeasterly beyond the original location on the ground, and modifying the end lines and angle in the process. This amendment would also have the effect of reducing the southwesterly ground from original discovery, an equal 650’ just the same. If there was a reduction of ground to the south, was the original position in relation to the Puritan No. 2 valid?

Did this amended location interfere with the rights of others in any way? Was the original location fictitious? Was it a mile south, set off 1/4 mile from the original Italian location? Is the amendment fictitious, and/or invalid due to the interference with other rights of location, or the public lands if the amendment is wrongfully acting as an all out relocation in the township? What power is this you ask? The power of voodoo…