highland park az

The original Notice of location for the Puritan No. 2 lode claim has the 1500’ distance running an equal 750’ east/west of the discovery shaft. The Puritan No. 2 amendment is blank as to the distances from discovery shaft. Blank. M.S.2424 depicts 800 feet easterly and 700 feet westerly from the discovery shaft. The amendment location certificate states it is the same lode as originally discovered by TC Hill April 14, 1902.

The original location notice for the Puritan lode states the 1500’ runs an equal 750’ east/west from the discovery shaft. The amended certificate also indicates an equal 750’ from the discovery shaft. When looking at M.S. 2424, we are to assume the ‘Discovery Cut’ is the point of discovery stated in the location notices, as it is the most centered, separate from shaft no. 4 as it states ‘Discovery Tunnel No. 1’. However this is just an assumption as M.S. 2424 is unreliable, and theoretical. So where are the properties today?

The Puritan lode is only running 735’ in either direction from the Discovery Tunnel No. 1 depiction. Where is the Puritan Discovery Tunnel NO. 1 on the ground? How does this result affect the surrounding ‘claims’? Where’s the additional 15 feet on either end line? Is the present day placement even the location of the Puritan and one that would not have been in conflict at the time at issue? No. How many lodes, veins, or ledges are present there on the ground? None.

ms 2424
MS 2424 Mineral Survey
Mineral Survey 2424, 1907