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John A. Benson ‘The Benson Syndicate’ -The New York Times Published: September 8, 1907

Thievery Corporation

There is one part of the surveying business that Benson had down pat, and he has always made the most of it. He was an expert draftsman, and he knew how to make the prettiest and cleanest plat of survey that the Land Office here has ever seen.

At first he did some work, but before long he hit upon a much easier and more profitable method, which was to run a line or two, enough to familiarize himself with the general appearance of the country. Then he sat down in his office and made the most beautiful plats the Land Office had ever seen. He had a brilliant and fecund imagination, and his field notes never lacked for description of landmarks. He was not hampered by facts. Little things like streams and hills bothered him not at all. He chucked in what he wanted when and where he wanted it, and the Land Office was none the wiser.’