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Pre-Mineral Survey 2424

Final entries that would one day become the foundation for J.J. Fisher and Frank S. Ingalls U.S. patent mineral survey, MS 2424, which was used as the basis for the eventual land patent application by the Madizelle Mining Company, and modern day Highland Pines, as shown in the official records of Yavapai County Arizona for ‘claimantGeorge U. Young from October 19th, 1903 to January 8th, 1904: Puritan amended, Puritan No2 amended, Derby No2 amended, Puritan No3 amended, Iron Mask amended, Derby No3 amended, Ellen No2 amended, Madizelle amended, Ellen No1 amended, Huguenot, Patsy, Poor Boy, Humbert, and Italian lode mining claims in the Thumb Butte District.

Additional entries followed from George U. Young for the Centipede 1, 2 & 3 and Centipede ‘extension’ lode mining claims in the Hassayampa Mining District, all dated July 12th, 1904. This GUY was really lucky.

“An amended location notice relates back to the original location notice date. No amendment is possible if the original location is void. An amendment to a notice or certificate of location shall not be used to effect a transfer of ownership of interest or to add owners. Such transfers or additions shall only be filed with the proper State Office of the BLM pursuant to ยง3833.3.”

“Relocation means the establishment of a new mining claim, mill site, or tunnel site. A relocation may not be established by the use of an amended location notice, but requires a new original location notice or certificate as prescribed by law.”

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Anatomy of a Fraud. The early creation of ‘Highland Pines‘, pre-Mineral Survey 2424 consecutive entries of purported ‘corrected discovery’. Autumn 1903, Yavapai County, Arizona.
highland pines az
Township 14 North Range 3 West, 1932 Yavapai County Recorder Township Plats. W.. Dearing 160 acres homestead indicated in the southwest quarter section to section 34. Also illustrated is the Last Chance mine of J.J. Fischer, M.S. 1397 A & B, and the Santa Fe Prescott and Phoenix Rail Road railway with stop at ‘ALTO’ ear the Summit station and Iron Springs. Thumb Butte Mountain is drawn into the southeast quarter section in section 36.
highland pines az
Plat of Township 13 North Range 3 West, Prescott Arizona Yavapai County, 1932. W.A. Dearing ‘Dearing Park’ 160 Acres designated as ‘A’. The same 160 acres of Dearing Park also appears on Township 14 North Range 3 West as ‘A’, encompassing the southwest quarter section of section 34.
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Deering Park in Prescott, Arizona Depicted in Township 13N Range 3 West 1932 Yavapai County GSRM 160 Acres