George Young

George U. Young’s Patenting of MS2424 Claims: Madizelle Mining Co./ George U. Young

” I went down to Hildreth’s office this morning in regard to the patent, and xxxx said he would write to the Department today, and see if he could not hurry things up a little. I told him I had a letter from you in which you stated the Forest Superintendent had recommended the issue. He said if that were true, and as long as we had relinquished the claims, to which they objected, he did not see how anything could be in the way, and we would undoubtedly get the patent just as soon as they could get to it, but things were very slow unless one was in Washington, where he could look into it. Were I in Washington, I could get Ashurst or Hayden to go over to the office with me, and of course we could get the patent in about fifteen minutes – but I am not in Washington.”