Sierra Prieta Arizona

S.W. Foreman: Township 14 N Range 1,2,& 3 G.S.R.M. ‘Surveyed’ August 1-11 1871

Quite an amazing feat by U.S. surveyor S.W. Foreman to cover such a large area of land, all at the same time! Three township Ranges, on contract, all surveyed by Foreman under John Wasson as Arizona Surveyor General, and strictly conformable to the field notes of course. Otherwise known as the filed notes….to Sierra Prieta and Beyond!

Below: The Original Plats of Township 14 North, Ranges 1, 2 & 3 West Gila Salt River Meridian, Yavapai County Arizona. S.W. Foreman is listed historically as a Benson Syndicate fraudulent surveyor on what is known simply as ‘the list‘. The plats as shown are the improbable foundation for the various Binger Hermann esque Mineral Survey plats of this particular region that followed. It was the actual unsurveyed township status that opened the door for the ‘Bingered‘ claim survey(s) for patent, which in turn allowed for the fraudulent land patent applications that followed, branding this particular breed of Looting of the Public Domain.