The Protection #2 is platted at 950.8’ x 533.5’ by J.J. Fisher, however the lode location notice provides for a full sized claim 1500’ x 600’. That’s a full sized lode mining claim allotted at 300’ on either side of the vein. The vein, lode or ledge is depicted on M.S. 2424 to be at only 233.5’ from the side line of the Puritan No. 3 Lode and Puritan, as amended in 1903.

The Protection #2 did not come into lode existence until it’s recording in 1907, so any ground remaining by it’s discovery could only be that surface ground, not excluded, at best. This is assuming alot.

We are thus far assuming that there is a Puritan lode claim, near or adjacent to this thing called the Protection #2 lode claim, and all is there where you want it to be on the surface of the earth. We are also assuming that the Protection #2 is not actually it’s entire length and width as located. We are also assuming that it’s location reference to is situated ambiguously at about 350 feet from the Derby Mining Camp is where we want to believe the Puritan is, which is actually not. Nor is that a Derby Mining camp location.

As far as the conflict that can be deduced from this orchestration of madness by Fisher, between the prior claim of the Protection No. 3 goes, well…what Protection No. 3 mining claim and where would that be? First and foremost, the identity of the Protection (#1) by George U. Young must be ascertained first.

Mining Claim Mineral Survey 2424, Highland Pines Arizona