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Puritan NO. 3 Amended Location Certificate, Law of 1899, George U. Young 1903

The only certificate of record for the referenced Puritan No. 3 lode claim of U.S. Mineral Survey 2424, an ‘amended location certificate’ dated November 14th, 1903. When exactly was the date of original discovery again? How can you make an amendment to a location to a lode claim by way of a notice, when there exists no original location or ‘notice’ to ‘amend’? Who signed George U. Youngs name on this purported certificate recorded in Yavapai County Arizona? So many questions, so little answers. Nothing was relinquished in 1920-1921, nothing at all.

craig skibiski
Amended Location Certificate, Puritan NO. 3, Mineral Survey 2424, Highland Pines Prescott Arizona
The mythological Puritan No. 3 Lode Mining Claim, original notice of ‘amended‘ location dated November 14th, 1903.