The Ideal Mining Company’s Property: ‘about six miles west of Prescott’

The Land Frauds are Run Down…

“T.C. Hill was in town yesterday from his mining camp about six miles west of Prescott. Mr. Hill has charge of the Ideal Mining Company’s property in that vicinity adjoining the Derby Mining Company’s property.”

Before George U. Young and his ‘Derby Mines’, Before J.J. Fisher and his ‘drawings’ in 1907, there was the Hill brothers -T.C. and Samuel of the Sam Hill Hardware store in Prescott, along with Sheriff James R. Lowry in the later 1800’s. Even these boys followed the original pioneers before them….which originally established the workings that they later took over, before Young’s ‘final dream’ took hold by way of Mineral Survey 2424, the U.S. patent plat for Highland Pines. This appeared to be a common theme in that era.

land fraud
The Land Frauds are Run Down…T.C. Hill & Samuel Hill of their ‘Ideal Mining Company’ located about 6 miles west off Prescott.