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Romancing The Stone: M. Ellen Young

Mary Ellen Young was wife of George Ulysses Young. On April 11, 1907, about 90 days out from J.J. Fishers Mineral Survey 2424 date, a Notice of Mining Location for a LODE CLAIM was recorded in Yavapai County by M. Ellen Young, ‘entered upon and located for the purposes of exploration and purchase’. The word ‘claim’ is scratched out and replaced with the word ‘vein’.

This full sized lode claim location was purportedly about 2000 feet westerly from the Derby Stamp Mill and Hoist on the Derby Mining Company’s property, and adjoins the “SoƱora” Mining claim. Since the Derby Mining Companies Property, which according to this U.S.D.M.S. Map, was fictitious, we can safely understand that the location below was also fictitious, likely used to elaborate the swindle and keep claim jumpers further away. In 1926, M. Ellen Young inherited the Madizelle Mining Company, the M.S. 2424 conceptual map and claim property, and in 1929, sold.

Many years later, the conceptual area of Derby Mines, the Mineral Survey 2424 was again sold, by Yavapai County, under a Sheriff’s sale, due to the prior owners unpaid property tax lien.

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Ellen M. Lode Mining Claim Notice of Location, Yavapai County Arizona Territory. Discovered & Recorded April 11, 1907.