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Theoretical Mines, Mining Claims Arizona, Thumb Butte Mining District ‘Derby Mine’

craig skibiski
Derby Mine Illustration (Fictional), Thumb Butte Mining District Prescott, Arizona. This plan did not exist anywhere in the Thumb Butte District, yet was utilized to manage the perception of investors, to keep the con going. The very title being ‘Derby Mine’ calls into position the historical Notice of Mining Claim Location, Lode Claim for the ‘Derby Mine’.

Mine Tales: The above illustration is simply that…an ‘illustration’. Conjectural depictions such as the various Derby Mine depictions were commonly used by mining promoters to sell shares in mining company stock to unwary investors. Often, stock was sold by intermediaries or brokers to investors that would never see the alleged grounds. Renderings of future ‘plans’ or ‘plats’ would be supplied to the investors to alleviate any suspicions that may eventually arise.

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