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Puritan, Peno Alto, Derby

Creating is fun, creating in three’s is even more fun! The rule of three has been used as an effective way of making sense of information, deriving meaning, and predicting patterns. Stories, fairy-tales, myths…legends, fables and folk lore are almost always structured in a group of three’s, which on a simple level, make them more recognizable and easy to remember.

The Derby began with the Derby, Derby No. 2 and Derby No. 3, on paper, telling us that it existed. The record is telling us all three existed elsewhere in the township, miles away from where the purported Puritan Mine was later portrayed to have been on the ground. By 1907, with assistance of many, one plat was created. This new plat indicated the three Derby lode claims from something else entirely, as well as three Peno Alto lode claims, and three Puritan Lode Claims. Uniting all of these with several others, painted the picture of even more big ideas to come.

highland park AZ
This is not Highland Pines.
ALTA survey
The stage was set here…Or was it? It looks similar at quick glance. View from the bottom of the ‘gulley’ on the alleged ‘Puritan’ lode claim off of Skyline Drive x Windy Ridge in Highland Pines. Majestic views from the top at 1132 N High Point Drive Prescott, AZ, next to the Highland Pines Domestic Water Improvement District’s ‘upper tank’.
highland park arizona
This is also not Highland Pines.

In October 2016, William Ascarza wrote an article for the Arizona Daily Star, a Tuscon newspaper here at: https://tucson.com/news/local/mine-tales-operation-near-prescott-became-subdivision/article_17fca598-55ba-5d29-a6f8-1ab0aac4bb15.html

The article is misinformation. The captions to the articles supporting images state things like: ‘The Derby Mill and Cribwork near the mine hoist building…etc.’ and ‘Puritan shaft as it appeared in 1905 with track, hanging ore bucket…’ The images above are supposedly courtesy of Arizona Geological Survey, which may have received access to the old file archives from the now defunct Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources.

The article wants us to believe it is referencing the Puritan lode claim, or Derby Mine, or Madizelle Mining Company operation. The images are supposed to take you, to that which we are being told by the article, is the same gully off of Skyline Drive and Windy Ridge in the Highland Pines area. However, this information is just as salted as George U. Young’s staged photos, used to market his stock swindles to investors. Young had multiple fictional mining operations running in the Arizona Territorial era.

derby mine arizona
Fictional Mill-Site per Yavapai County Highland Pines subdivisions, purporting to be of the George U. Young mining swindles in Yavapai County, U.S. Mineral Survey 2424 early 1900’s.
fairy tales
Same location as above image. Prescott National Forest, positioned George U. Young Mineral Survey 2424 ‘mill-site’. Material was relocated and rebuilt from J.J. Fisher’s ‘Last Chance’ about 2 miles northeasterly down in the original ALTO pit off Skyline Drive and Iron Springs Road.
highland park arizona
View of ‘West Spruce Mountain’ from legendary mining operations, now at Highland Pines in the Prescott National Forest in Yavapai County Arizona.
mining scams
The ‘gully’ off Windy Ridge x Skyline Drive in Highland Pines. It’s just an old well, not full of Gold. Water was pumped out of here initially by the Highland Pine Water Company, to provide water of course and to sell the first few phases of lots in Highland Pine Properties Inc.
land fraud
The old closed up well sits a few feet westerly of the shed you see in the photograph above. There is no ‘shaft’ to be found in front of the ricks to the left, that would correspond to the image in the Tuscon.com article. According to the plat map, this also sits at the Alleged vein, lode ledge, centerline of ‘Puritan’ lode claim, per Mineral Survey 2424. Unfortunately there isn’t either one to be found here either, per the original location, or the Amended location.
ALTA survey
Boiler & Pump next to the old arsenic water shaft, used for the defunct Highland Pine Water Company of J. Earl Wilson and Elmer J. Winternheimer, 1950’s-1960’s Highland Pine Properties Inc.
mining swindles
According to Yavapai County and the placement on the ground of U.S. Mineral Survey 2424, this is about where the ‘Tunnel No. 3’ 4x6x520ft. on the ‘Puritan’ lode claim near ‘Shaft No. 4’ 4 x 6 x200ft. It is actually just a cut into the hillside from a backhoe that needed some rocky fill dirt several years back. The cut stopped at solid rock.
mining swindle
Another magical angle of the alleged ‘Tunnel No. 3’ on the ‘Puritan’ lode claim, after a long Sunny day in Highland Pines. The light appears warmer and softer at the ‘Golden Hour’…how Romantic!
US mineral surveys
Highland Pines in Prescott, Arizona Yavapai County. The stuff legends are made of…Straight from the cookbook. Majestic view of the Sierra Prieta’s, Prescott National Forest.

Shafts, Discovery Tunnels and Steam

According to the PLAT and field notes of U.S. Mineral Survey 2424, the Puritan possessed A Mill, some shafts and some tunnels, all on or about the middle point, centerline, or the amended centerline. This position should also be the lode, vein or ledge. There are multiple references of record to the mill used by J.J. Fisher to obtain a patent of his ‘Last Chance’ mine and Mill-site, or his wife’s Last Chance, with U.S. Mineral Survey 1397 A & B in 1899. Fisher was the U.S. Deputy mineral survey that helped George U. Young make his famous ‘patent plat’, M.S. 2424. Fisher’s own Last Chance does not conform to the mining law, notably the mill-site rule, as patented. None of J.J. Fisher’s M.S. 1397 A & B conform to the Lode Location Notices of record, or even the direction and layout of the purported lodes. Fishers Mill was also just a prop, like may others, used to swindle and obtain patent under false applications. Fisher was the lode claimant of the Last Chance Mine and Mill Site, but removed himself on paper in order to have the patent issued in his wife’s name.

There are many details to the history in Thumb Butte Mining District, and it is easy to get sidetracked. Now back to the elaborate tale below…which cannot be duplicated on the ground. No.1 It was never what you thought it was. No.2 It is still not there. No.3 It is not going to all of a sudden…be there. Not even if you click your heels three times.

madizelle mining company
Flim-Flam Doodle of Puritan Mine (fictitious) U.S. Mineral Survey 2424, the PLAT of the Mining Claim of George U. Young.